AstridMaine Barcelona

Miss Personality!

Barcelona is a very special girl. You will not miss seeing her personality shine when you come to our home. She is very eager to greet and check out who is here. She loves to cuddle and in the evenings you can find her snoozing next to you while you sit on the couch. Barcelona not only shines through with personality, but is a gorgeous cat. She has very thickly tufted ears and a full tail that add to her beauty.

Health Tested: HCM N/N, PKD N/N, PKdef N/N, Color: N09 Black and White


Nadezhda from Tassel Magic

Precious Star!

Nadezhda, "Hope" , is a very outgoing girl. She loves to play and be around people. She can be a little ornery and pounce on you when you are not expecting it. We imported Hope as a young cat and adore her personality along with her good looks.  Hope comes from an amazing pedigree and we hope to see her do well at shows and bringing us beautiful babies in the future.

Health Tested: HCM +/-, PKdef N/N, (SMA N/N by parentage) Color: g 03 22-Bluetortie Tabby


StarsQuality Dorothy

Russian Beauty!

Dorothi is out of an amazing pedigree. We imported Dorothi was Russia and was taken by her beautiful large muzzle and destinctive ears along her her outgoing and sweet temperament. She is a big girl, and even at 11 month already weighed over 11 pounds. Dorothi comes out of a long line of International champions along with World Champion  TOREADOR VOM POMMERLAND.  

Health Tested: HCM N/N Color: ds 22 09-Red Silver Marble with White


Cincinnati from Tassel Magic

Poly-dactyl Girl!

Cincinnati, "Wasabi", is a very beautiful poly girl. If you are not familiar with Polydactyls, they are born with multiple toes. Wasabi has 6 toes on each foot which increases her appearance to look more like a snow leopard than a Maine coon.  She loves everyone that wants to pet and love on her which sets her purr box to purring. We look forward to having beautiful babies with Wasabi as she grows bigger and into a gorgeous Maine Coon.

Health Tested: HCM N/N Color: NS 22 Black Silver Tortie